Jon Gruden is gone. Here's everything the Las Vegas Raiders need to change to get back on track.

#5 Use Marcus Mariota more

#5 Use Marcus Mariota more

Marcus Mariota might not be the starting Quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, but that doesn't mean he can't be used as a weapon against an opposing defense. He would definitely be someone to utilize during trick plays due to his impeccable ability to throw on the run and his speed on the ground. Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden wanted to do the same with Mariota but didn't get the chance due to an untimely injury to the Quarterback. With Mariota off of the injured reserve list, though, the chances are there to pull off something spectacular.

Of course, the Raiders need to play this idea carefully and keep everyone's egos in check, or it could end up getting ugly pretty quickly. Mariota isn't the starter and probably won't be.

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